MuseumFutures Africa is a people-centered cultural project focussed on museums. It began with a focus on Africa, and expanded its reach to museums across the Global South, with the intention to test, explore and study potentials for new formats of Southern museology.

Study Groups
Arna Jharna Thar Desert Museum
The Conflictorium
Mutare Museum
MajiMaji Museum
Acervo de Laje
Museu Mafalala
Exchanges 2023
Musée National de Guinée
National Museums of Kenya
Steve Biko Centre
Uganda Museum
Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art
Musée Théodore Monod
Exchanges 2021-2
Southern Museology
Towards a depiction of ... the experimental / colonial museum
MFA publication 2022
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Notes toward a proposal

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MuseumFutures is supported by the     Goethe-Institut

Study Groups

Museum Futures Southern Museology’s aimed to nurture an imaginative collective process driven by 6 different museums in Africa, India and Brazil. Scroll down or use the menu for an overview of each museum, some of their core institutional concerns, their study groups, and a custom illustration by Kampala-based artist Charity Atukunda.

Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Arts

Illustration by Charity Atukunda, 2023.
As part of the Pan-Atlantic University, the Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art is dedicated to the African arts and houses a large selection of works of art from Nigeria.

The Study Group conceived a project that explored multiple narratives and new interpretations of 30 art pieces in the collection, enhancing digital experiences of museum objects and drawing on community participation methods.

As a Museum of traditional, modern and contemporary African art, the study group created a micro-website for their project ‘30 ways to tell a story’. The microsite explores multiple narratives and new interpretations of art pieces in the permanent collection, enhancing digital experiences of museum objects and drawing on community participation methods. The project engaged students and interns from the  Pan Atlantic University, as co-researchers, photographers and narrators as the team produced new interpretations of artworks in the collection.

“Being part of the MFA helped me to look beyond the surface of the artworks at the museum and consider what makes them special. While scripting the narrative of the artworks, I began to understand the importance of certain words used and the uniqueness and reason for each artwork in the museum.” —Chidera Ifechukwu

“Working on this project has led me to have deeper appreciation for Nigerian cultures and history ... I have discovered very new and interesting things like the Yoruba mythological origins and Nigerian traditional writing systems that are even older than the Egyptian hieroglyphics.” —Madonna Iloba
Study group members
Jess Castellote Director, Michael Oseghale Manager, Solomon Nkwagu in charge of visitors/audiences at the museum, Chidera Ifechukwu development and fundraising manager, Japhet Imhanzenobe expert in accounting and finance, lecturer in the accounting department of the Pan-Atlantic University, Olufisayo Bakare design professional in Interior Design, Architecture, and curating, Madonna Iloba communications student.