MuseumFutures Africa is a pan-African, people-centred cultural project that works with museums across the continent to test, explore and study potentials for new formats of African museology.

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Participating Museums 2021: 

Musée national de Guinée
National Museums of Kenya
Steve Biko Centre
Uganda Museum
Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art
Musée Théodore Monod IFAN Ch.A.Diop

MuseumFutures is supported by the Goethe-Institut

Steve Biko Centre

Steve Biko Centre, King Williamstown, The Steve Biko Center in South Africa is dedicated to the life of the activist and intellectual Steve Biko who founded the Black Consciousness movement.

Steve Biko Centre Study Group

Thulani Nonongo grew up in Ntselamanzi Location in Alice. He started working at the Steve Biko Centre in 2013 as a performing artist in the Centre’s Abelusi performing arts programme, focused on mastering skills in acting, dance, poetry, play writing, directing, and visual arts...

Bruce Waters is currently Chief Operations Officer at the Steve Biko Foundation, Bruce joined the institution in 2010, from a career in events management for companies and organisations across the SADCC region. Originally from Zimbabwe, but having been in South Africa since 1999 ...

Luyanda ka Msumza was born in Ginsberg and has long been venerated as the Ginsberg Community Historian after his research and Thesis on the history of Ginsberg.  He has an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Diploma from Oxford Air College, an Honours degree in History from the University of Cape Town ...

Lolonga Tali is the Museum Human Scientist at the Amathole Museum as, a position he has held since 2017. He has a Master of Philosophy in South African Politics and Political Economy, from Nelson Mandela University (2012). He enjoys reading non-fiction and spiritual books as a form of self-actualisation, jogs ...

Catherine Stratford (Module 1-3) is the Archivist and Assistant Museum Curator at the Steve Biko Centre. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Anthropology at Rhodes University in 2017 and completed a postgraduate certificate in Archival Studies from the University of South ...

Nosisa Ngcongwana (Module 1-3) is from Zeleni Location in King William’s Town. She has a 3 year National Diploma in Journalism, which she obtained from Walter Sisulu University in May 2019 and joined the Steve Biko Centre as a front desk Receptionist. She has aggressively expanded her role with ...

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